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Ultimate List of All Texas Treatment Centers for Addiction, Alcohol & Drug Rehab

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Looking for addiction treatment in the Lone Star State for you or a loved one? You’ve come to the right place. Texas Rehab Centers is the complete online inventory of Texas alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers.

Texas Rehab Centers

Gateway To Sobriety

7445 Park Pl Blvd
Houston, TX 77087
Texas Rehab Centers

Westbridge Recovery Center, INC.

4107 Acorn Ln
Porter, TX 77365
Texas Rehab Centers

Faith in Sobriety

6201 Bonhomme Rd #250n
Houston, TX 77036
Texas Rehab Centers

Westchase Health and Rehabilitation Center

8820 Town Park Dr
Houston, TX 77036
Texas Rehab Centers

Legend Oaks Healthcare and Rehabilitation…

8902 West Rd #8635
Houston, TX 77064
Texas Rehab Centers

Power House Recovery Center LLC.

1713 Runyan Ave
Houston, TX 77039

Considerations When Choosing a Texas Alcohol or Drug Rehab Center

It can be overwhelming to review the seemingly endless options for inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment here in Texas. We recommend viewing the list with these considerations in mind:


First decide whether you want to reside near home or away from home. Then, you can easily navigate to that geographic area on our website, which narrows your search down considerably.

Training of Therapists

Make sure the program uses licensed therapists, ideally who have experience in substance abuse.

Level of Rehab

Choose from intensive to least intensive substance abuse programs: Inpatient hospital stay, partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, outpatient program, and group therapy.


Whether it’s a friend of a friend who highly recommends a place, or good ol’ Facebook/Google/Yelp reviews, find a place with a solid star rating.


Momentum is key. Find a center with immediate availability so no one gets discouraged.


It can vary by individual and insurance plan as some rehab centers accept insurance, and others don’t.

Advantages to choosing a rehab center near you

When you begin your search for the right rehab center for you or a loved one, you might first start by deciding location

  • Easier to maintain school, work, or a job
  • Deal with environmental and local triggers while actively in treatment
  • Most likely your peers in therapy live nearby, creating a sober community for after treatment

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Texas Inpatient Rehab vs. Outpatient Rehab Centers

Depending on the severity of you or a loved one’s addiction, there are a few different ways to approach rehab. Some addicts will first need to detox in a medically-supervised environment, often completed at a hospital during an inpatient rehab stay, the highest level of care and supervision. After an inpatient stay or if you are able to safely detox on your own, there are PHPs or outpatient programs where you can get treatment for alcohol or drug rehab.

We’ve done the heavy lifting of scouring hundreds and hundreds of online and offline options to concisely compile this list for you. Whether you’re looking for something in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Laredo, San Antonio or most Texas cities, we’ve detailed your options for addiction treatment in Texas. See full list.

Why participate in a Texas detox center?

Simply put: you, your friends, and your family are worth it. The chains of addiction are a strong captor, and for many individuals, being able to quit without professional help is just not possible. There is no shame in seeking an inpatient or outpatient rehab center here in Texas to help jumpstart your journey to freedom. Instead of letting your addiction control you, take control of your addiction. Begin by narrowing down your search with our handy guide to ALL Texas alcohol and drug rehab centers.

Should I stay in my home city or get out of town for my addiction treatment?

When you begin your search for the right rehab center for you or a loved one, you might first start by deciding location. Sure, we often see celebrities use a detox or rehab stint as a glamorous visit in a remote area; but for the average American? There are pros and cons to choosing to seek addiction treatment in your hometown or not.

Only you know yourself and your addiction best. Some find it’s easier to confront the home triggers head on, and break any ties with dealers and toxic friends while getting the full support of their therapy program. Others prefer a clean break to get away, and let those triggers fade away upon return home.

Whether you’re choosing a rehab center in Dallas or Laredo, we are your first stop in narrowing down your search to find the right place for you. We’ve done the heavy work of sorting through the myriad of options so you can focus on the heavy work of getting better.

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