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Tyler Addiction Treatment

Learn about Tyler detox centers, inpatient rehab and outpatient programs for substance use disorders.

Tyler is one of those rare mid-size Texas cities that isn’t in the immediate orbit of a major metro. You have to drive nearly two hours to get to Dallas. Unfortunately, that’s still within the reach of the metro’s drug distribution channels.

The drug epidemic has gripped most of Texas, including Tyler. The city is the perfect example of how widespread the problem is today. The one silver lining for families in the area that are battling addiction is that they don’t have to go far to find critical drug rehabilitation services. The community is committed to fighting back so that drug makers, distributors and dealers don’t harm any more families. Part of the effort is ensuring that the victims of these criminals get the help they need to recover.

Finding the Right Help With the TRC Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Guide

Texas Rehab Centers has created a comprehensive, free resource guide on detox, inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab centers in Tyler. The guide covers a lot of the basics about alcohol and drug rehab services and is a good starting point for finding the best addiction treatment program for your needs. We created our resources for families that know their loved one can beat addiction with the right support and professional guidance.

Our goal is to connect you with specialists who are experienced at addressing a variety of addictions as well as other mental health disorders that can be the catalyst for substance abuse. There’s also support for family members that are going through their own struggle in the face of addiction.

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FAQ: Tyler Substance Abuse Treatment Clinics

Today, addiction treatment centers utilize a number of therapies. Each patient is evaluated and a treatment plan with a combination of therapies is created based on their unique needs and medical history. Therapies that are commonly used at Tyler substance abuse treatment clinics include:

  • Medically-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

    • Methadone Treatment

    • Buprenorphine Treatment

  • Psychotherapy

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

    • Motivational Interviewing

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Group Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • 12 Step Programming

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Animal Therapy


Yes, many do. Because so many people who have an SUD also have another mental health disorder, co-occurring disorder treatment is quite common. The high prevalence of co-occurring disorders is why most Tyler addiction treatment centers do initial evaluations with new patients. It provides an opportunity to identify a co-occurring disorder so that the most effective treatment plan can be created.

The support that a person receives in a Tyler drug rehab program is invaluable. Many treatment centers offer long-term support to anyone who completes their program, and some have alumni programs that are specifically designed to provide vital support after treatment. The support combined with evidence-based therapy, a structured schedule and accountability improve the odds of reaching and maintaining sobriety. Studies have shown that people who complete a rehab program have much higher rates of short-term and long-term sobriety. One study found that two key factors for achieving long-term sobriety is having community support and working with a 12-step organization.

If you are questioning whether or not you should contact a Tyler detox center, it’s time to take action and reach out for help. Detox is the initial stage of recovery, and it’s often the hardest. You’ll probably experience withdrawal symptoms and with fewer days of sobriety under your belt you're more likely to relapse. This period is when support is needed the most. Detox centers not only provide support, they can also administer medically-assisted treatment that eases withdrawal symptoms and makes the transition much easier. Early on in recovery, enrolling in a detox center will also take you completely out of the environment that feeds the addiction, which is hugely beneficial.

Tyler inpatient rehab centers offer a high level of support, structure and oversight that is designed to help people who are early in their recovery. Some inpatient rehab centers offer detox services while others are designed to continue care after a patient has gotten through detox. Patients reside onsite under supervision and can expect to take part in psychotherapy every day.

Tyler outpatient rehab centers are meant for people that are in various stages of recovery, possibly even detox or just after a relapse. Often patients enroll at an outpatient rehab center after detox or completing an inpatient program. The services that are provided at outpatient rehab centers are geared at helping the patient better understand addiction and how to manage stress or other triggers that lead to substance use. There are also services that help patients transition to life beyond rehab, including placement in sober living homes and career training.

If the person is 18 or older they will have to consent to being enrolled in any Tyler alcohol rehab or drug rehab program. But if the individual is a minor and you are their parent or legal guardian you can enroll them in rehab even if they don’t give their consent.

Not at all. You may come across some Tyler addiction treatment centers that work only with people who live locally, but most are open to anyone who’s ready and wants recovery.

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