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Richardson Addiction Treatment Guide

A comprehensive overview of Richardson drug rehab and alcohol rehab providers

Many in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro consider Richardson to be one of the best places to call home, and it’s definitely one of the prime shopping destinations in the area. It’s a bonus that Richardson is a quick drive to most of the major attractions in DFW.

Richardson has been named one of the best places to live in the country more than once, but that doesn’t mean the city has escaped the reality of the drug epidemic. Being located just north of Dallas puts Richardson in close proximity to a major drug distribution route. It’s no surprise that Dallas County has one of the highest drug-related death rates in Texas. Between 2018 and 2020 the death rate was 14.4 deaths per 100,000. What’s more troubling is that number has been steadily increasing.

Now with fentanyl being distributed on the street and laced in other drugs it can seem like we’re back to square one getting the drug epidemic under control. But we’ve made great strides in understanding how addiction forms and how to treat substance use disorder so that people can get the help they need to recover.

Using the Texas Rehab Centers Richardson Addiction Treatment Guide

We’re here to let you know that no matter how bad an addiction is, recovery is possible. You just need to have the right resources in place to give yourself a fighting chance. The TRC Richardson Addiction Treatment Guide is a directory of local resources with information on rehab facilities, treatment options and medical professionals.

The goal is to put everything you need in one place so that comparing treatment options is efficient rather than stressful. You’ll know what your options are so you can select the solution that works best for your needs.

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FAQ: Richardson Substance Abuse Treatment Clinics

You can get sober on your own, and enrolling in an addiction rehab program isn’t a guarantee that you’ll reach recovery. However, getting help from experts at a rehab center dramatically improves your chances of getting sober and maintaining your sobriety. Many studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of rehab centers. Research shows that alcohol rehab helps about 70% of people maintain sobriety for 9 months. Of those who go it alone only 23% report maintaining sobriety at the 9-month mark. Studies show that the statistics for opioids and other drugs are even worse when treatment isn’t used.

Yes. Relapse is actually considered a clear sign that addiction treatment is needed. It’s important to remember that addiction is a chronic disease that isn’t curable regardless of how much treatment you receive. Addiction treatment aims to identify the underlying causes of drug or alcohol use so that addiction can be successfully managed. Treatment programs also provide vital support that makes recovery after relapse much easier.

Anyone who is still using drugs or alcohol but wants to get clean should consider enrolling at a Richardson detox center. Detox centers are designed to treat people in the earliest stages of recovery when things are less stable. Uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms can test anyone’s resolve. And coping with life’s stressors without drugs can also seem unsettling for someone who has been self-medicating. At a detox center you can get medical assistance with withdrawal symptoms and learn other coping mechanisms that get you past the initial phase of getting clean.

A Richardson inpatient rehab center offers many different types of treatments based on the addiction and the individual’s needs. Inpatient rehab is intensive and highly structured. Patients reside at the facility 24 hours a day while they receive treatment. Addiction treatment at an inpatient rehab center includes psychotherapy, individual counseling, group counseling and medications. Common types of psychotherapy during inpatient treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

Richardson outpatient rehab centers actually offer many of the same treatments as inpatient facilities. The key difference between inpatient and outpatient centers is the level of treatment. People who are enrolled in an outpatient drug treatment program don’t reside onsite. They live offsite and come in for treatment on a regular basis, usually 3-7 days a week. This allows people to receive addiction treatment while still attending to other responsibilities like work, school and family. In addition to psychotherapy, counseling and medication, outpatient rehab can also involve life skills training and career assistance services that help patients ease into managing addiction after completing rehab.

Today, Richard substance abuse treatment clinics are equipped to treat virtually any type of drug addiction. The best rehab centers are aware that drug use is a moving target. Drug use trends change and new drugs can surface. Many clinics treat a wide range of addictions in an effort to help as many people as possible. Of course, there are also specialty rehab clinics that specialize in one specific type of addiction. Because each drug has a unique effect on the body and brain, it’s important to find a treatment facility that addresses the addiction you’re battling.

The only way someone can enroll a family member in a rehab program is if they are a minor. Even then only a legal guardian or parent can enroll the minor in rehab. Anyone who is 18 or older must enroll themselves in a drug rehab facility.

Anyone can enroll in a Richardson drug rehab or alcohol rehab program regardless of where they currently live. Some people prefer to attend rehab out-of-state, especially when they plan to attend inpatient rehab. Putting distance between yourself and the circumstances that enable addiction can help you maintain your focus and resolve in the early stages of recovery.

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