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Pearland Addiction Treatment Guide

A comprehensive overview of Pearland substance abuse treatment clinics and services.

Families in Pearland live a little more relaxed knowing that they’re in one of the safest cities in Texas while still being a short drive away from Houston. Pearland has also been singled out as one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Even though crime rates are low and residents enjoy more affluence than in years past, it still isn’t a surefire safeguard against the nation’s drug epidemic.

Brazoria County saw an increase in drug use during the pandemic. The Texas Attorney General announced that the drug overdose rate in the state increased by 32% between 2019 and 2020. The dramatic rise wasn’t expected, but substance abuse is nothing new in the Houston metro. The 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health for the Houston metro reported that while drug use in the metro was lower than the national average, it was increasing. And unfortunately, the metro had a higher rate of substance use disorders than the Texas state average. Binge drinking was also slightly higher than the state and national averages.

Despite the increase in drug use, families in Pearland shouldn’t give up hope. As the drug epidemic has raged on, researchers and medical professionals have been hard at work finding ways to treat the chronic disease of addiction. Today there are advanced therapies and treatments that are helping more people overcome addiction and stay sober. At Texas Rehab Centers our mission is to connect Pearland families with the resources that are needed to break the cycle of addiction and restore the quality of life you once enjoyed together. Healing is possible with the right help.

Finding the Help You Need With Our Pearland Drug Rehab Guide

Addiction is a disease with a ripple effect. It impacts all the people around the person who has the disease. To some it’s an affliction that’s impossible to treat, especially if a person has relapsed before. But there are effective treatments for people at every stage of their addiction, from intervention services that can get someone into a detox center to Sober Living Homes that provide extra stability and support as a person moves toward managing sobriety on their own.

This guide was made to help you and all of the many other families in Pearland that are struggling with addiction. The drug epidemic and increase in alcohol use has made substance use disorder a more widespread problem. The silver lining is that there are also more therapies and treatments now that address the problem. Addiction is a chronic disease, but it can be managed with the right support.

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FAQ About Pearland Addiction Treatment

Having two mental health conditions simultaneously is actually very common. It’s called a co-occurring mental health disorder. Around 50% of people with a substance use disorder also have another mental health condition that may have existed before the addiction or came about after the substance abuse began. Many Pearland rehab centers understand how prevalent co-occurring disorders are and how to treat the two conditions separately yet at the same time. True healing can only happen if each mental health condition is given attention.

Relapse is also very common. The rate of relapse depends on several key factors including the type of addiction and length of treatment. Many people mistakenly believe relapse is a sign that treatment failed to work. In actuality, addiction is a chronic disease that must be managed, and relapse is a sign that more treatment is needed.

Most Pearland addiction treatment centers welcome patients who have relapsed with open, supportive arms. Some centers even specialize in treatment for people who have had multiple relapses.

An inpatient rehab center is similar to a detox center in some ways, but they are two distinct types of addiction treatment facilities. Patients reside onsite during treatment, just as they would at a detox center, but they may already have gotten past the detoxification stage. The primary goal at a Pearland inpatient rehab center is to keep the patient stable and sober. Their condition is closely monitored, and medication is used if physicians deem it necessary.

Inpatient rehab programs dive deep into the cause of the addiction. Therapists work closely with patients, both individually and in a group setting, to explore the circumstances that lead a person to abuse alcohol or drugs. This exploration helps the center create a treatment plan that is personalized and based on needs.

Ideally, a person would move from an inpatient rehab program directly to a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) at an outpatient rehab center. Pearland outpatient rehab centers offer continuum of care that allows the patient to have more freedom and less oversight while still being in a highly structured treatment program.

Outpatient rehab treatment builds on what has already been done. The patient continues to examine the psychological factors of their addiction. They work to change behaviors that fuel addiction and replace them with healthier alternatives.

A key differentiator between inpatient and outpatient treatment is preparation for life after rehab. Outpatient rehab centers put a lot of emphasis on helping patients learn the life skills that are needed to handle stress, have stability and thrive. Counselors help patients line up the next steps to move forward with their life beyond rehab. In an effort to do that, family counseling is often used to ensure that the patient has the support that’s needed outside of the rehab facility.

Midland outpatient rehab centers are similar to inpatient centers in the treatments that are offered. The key difference is that patients don’t stay at the rehab center during treatment. Instead, they reside at a private residence or a Sober Living Home and come into the facility for treatment 3-7 days a week.

How often a patient comes in for treatment depends on the program they select. Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) require more hours of treatment than Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP).

Midland outpatient rehab centers are considered an ideal next step in treatment after completing detox or an inpatient rehab program. They provide continued support and life skills training that helps reduce the risk of relapse as people learn to live on their own without drugs and alcohol.

Some clinics do, but others offer programs for a variety of addictions. Every Pearland drug rehab clinic is different, and that’s one of the biggest differences. For example, there are specialized centers that only treat opioid addiction by primarily using medically-assisted treatments.

Another thing to consider is that some Pearland addiction treatment centers only accept patients of a certain gender. In other words, in addition to only treating certain addictions, a center may only accept female patients or male patients. These are called gender-specific addiction treatment when programs.

If the person is an adult, then only they can enroll themselves in an addiction treatment program. Even if they are unable to care for themselves or are physically at-risk, a person can’t enroll their adult family member or spouse. However, if the person is 17 years old or younger a parent or legal guardian can enroll them in a rehab program.

Pearland addiction treatment centers help people from all over the country. Most clinics don’t have local residential requirements. This is especially true for people who are enrolled at a Pearland inpatient rehab center where patients reside onsite during treatment.

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