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Welcome to Texas Rehab Centers, an online hub of information related to alcohol and drug rehab, detox centers, and all types of addiction treatment in the Lone Star State. You can search by city, or if you’re wanting treatment in Padre Island, you’re in the right place! We know it can be overwhelming sorting through the various addiction treatment options available; plus, which is the right place to start for you? That’s where we come in: we’ve organized all Padre Island inpatient and outpatient rehab centers into one place so you can quickly find the right facility for you. (And note: if you’re a business providing substance abuse treatment that isn’t yet included, send us a note and we’ll review it!  For questions, read through at the bottom of this page for our frequently asked questions and you’ll be ready to start your journey to sobriety today!

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Hannah’s House

4405 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX 78597
Texas Rehab Centers

My Sobriety House

4113 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX 78597
Texas Rehab Centers

Origins Recovery Center

4405 Padre Blvd
South Padre Island, TX 78597

Connecting Rehab Centers with those who need a helping hand

Because of its proximity to the transportation network along the Texas-Mexico border, the south Texas area (including Padre Island) is known for high drug trafficking and drug abuse. But, no matter where you live, drug and alcohol abuse can happen to anyone - young or old, male or female, wealthy or in poverty. It’s a complex disease that often needs professional intervention. If you’re ready to step into one of Padre Island’s detox centers, give one a call today, but if you have more questions and need more time, keep reading our frequently asked questions.

FAQ about Padre Island drug and alcohol rehab

A detox center is a type of inpatient rehab facility, where patients live at the center (usually a hospital, or a standalone detox center). Outpatient rehab patients can live at home, and just visit the treatment facility for therapy sessions or specific treatment. A detox center is the highest level of oversight for addiction, with 24/7 medical supervision. The goal of a detox center is to safely supervise an addict in getting clean, and managing the dangerous (and potentially fatal) withdrawal side effects. While a detox center plays an important role in the continuum of addiction treatment, it is not a solution to long-term, lasting sobriety. Additional addiction treatment, like cognitive behavioral therapy, is highly recommended to help deal with the underlying causes of addiction as well as proactively come up with strategies to prevent relapse and cope without doing drugs or alcohol. Outpatient centers focus on those behavioral therapies to lead to long-term sobriety.

You can not admit an adult into rehab without their consent. An adult can only be obligated to enroll into alcohol or drug rehab if court-ordered. However, a legal guardian can admit their minor into addiction treatment. If you have a loved one struggling with substance abuse but won’t enroll into rehab yet, give a few rehab facilities a call. Some offer professional intervention services which help underscore the importance of rehab and getting clean.

It depends. Many will say recovery is life-long, and many recovered addicts choose to continue with group therapy programs (like Alcoholics Anonymous) for their entire adulthood. Inpatient stays are usually short, lasting 30-60 days; whereas outpatient programs last 3-6+ months. Timing will vary, of course, based on how well one is responding to treatment and how severe the initial addiction was. Because drug and alcohol dependence can change our brains, it takes time to re-wire pathways.

Like with all medical care, it will vary by your individual insurance and the type of treatment. Many substance abuse treatment facilities accept most insurances, but it might not cover treatment 100%. Call the specific facility you’re interested in to discuss your particular insurance coverage. Regardless, investing in getting clean and living a sober life is a lifelong, worthwhile investment and you are worth it.

Yes! While there are advantages to doing alcohol or drug rehab where you live, some patients choose to seek inpatient rehab out-of-town, as a way to experience a fresh start and break free from some triggers. For outpatient rehab, you’ll save money by going locally so you can still live at home. You’ll also be able to confront triggering places in town while actively in therapy so you can be held accountable.

We appreciate you taking the time to browse options for Padre Island addiction treatment, whether that’s for you or a loved one. Remember that addiction is a serious, complicated disease that can happen to anyone. And, just as you’d treat a broken bone, addiction needs to be treated. Use the momentum that brought you to Texas Rehab Centers online, and give one or two of these alcohol and drug rehab facilities a call to see about getting help.

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