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Odessa Addiction Treatment Guide

Find out what Odessa substance abuse treatment clinics and services have to offer.

Substance use has been a problem in Odessa since long before the fentanyl crisis took hold. The shale boom brought prosperity to the area, along with an increase in drug use, particularly meth and cocaine. One indication of the growing issue was drug-related arrests. From 2010 to 2016 drug-related arrests in Odessa nearly doubled.

Now fentanyl is the major concern in Odessa, much as it is across the nation. In the last three months of 2021, fentanyl overdoses in Odessa went from 0 to 22. Too often the overdoses occur in people who are unaware they are taking a substance that is laced with fentanyl. And many of those people are teens and young adults.

The Odessa Police Department and local health officials are dedicated to helping families who have been impacted by drugs. A conscious effort is being made to change the conversation from one of stigma and blame to an open discussion where people feel safe to ask for the help they need. Texas Rehab Centers is doing its part by making valuable information readily available to all that need it.

Using the TRC Guide to Find Odessa Drug Rehab Services

When you’re battling a substance use disorder you need all the help you can get. Texas Rehab Centers was created to be an informational portal for Texas families that aren’t sure how and where to get the help they desperately need.

We’ve made the information gathering process easy by putting everything in one place. City guides like this one give you a better idea of what rehab centers have to offer and how they can break the addiction cycle. It’s a starting point that can put you on the path to recovery. This Odessa addiction treatment guide can be paired with our lists of the top-rated rehab facilities so that you know what to look for in a center and where to find them.

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The Texas Rehab Centers team is continually updating its guides to provide the most comprehensive resources available. Odessa alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers can contact our team to request an evaluation for inclusion in our guide.

FAQ: Addiction Treatment in Odessa, TX

Every case is different, but there are signs that many people exhibit when they have a substance use disorder. They include:

  • Hiding the use of alcohol or drugs.

  • Inability to stop using alcohol or drugs.

  • Consuming alcohol and drugs to the point of blacking out.

  • Frequently distracted by thoughts about using alcohol or drugs.

  • Having problems maintaining relationships.

  • Failing to meet work and other responsibilities.

  • Changes in behavior or mood.

Anyone who’s addicted to alcohol or narcotics can benefit from seeking out professional help. In addition to improving the odds of recovery, it’s also safer to detox and initiate sobriety with the help of medical experts that can monitor the person’s health. Many Odessa alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers provide evaluations for free that can determine the best options for your situation.

Yes. Having another mental health condition at the same time as a substance use disorder is called a co-occurring disorder, and it’s actually quite common. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that co-occurring disorders are a factor in 50% of SUD cases.

Having a co-occurring disorder is going to impact the treatment plan in significant ways. That’s why a thorough examination is needed at the onset when a person enrolls in an addiction treatment program.

Relapse is not a sign that addiction treatment failed. It’s a clear sign that treatment is needed, but that possibly a new approach needs to be taken. The treatment team will evaluate the patient’s medical history, drug use and the current situation to determine how intensive the treatment should be. They may also determine that the treatments are appropriate, but the duration or frequency needs to be increased. There’s a lot that an Odessa substance abuse treatment clinic can do to help a person who’s relapse regain control over their addiction.

Odessa detox centers are specialized facilities that are designed to help people in the earliest stages of addiction recovery. They are inpatient facilities with 24-hour monitoring and support. There’s a lot of oversight because detox can be very unstable for patients mentally, emotionally and physically. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) may be necessary in some cases depending on the substances that are in a person’s system. Patients also receive individual psychotherapy and will likely participate in group therapy after withdrawal symptoms have subsided.

Some patients move to an Odessa inpatient rehab center after detox while others enroll in an inpatient rehab program first. Like detox centers, inpatient rehab facilities have residences onsite for patients while they are receiving treatment. The medical team will work with the patient to create a treatment plan that will likely include individual therapy, group therapy, mindfulness practices and medication. The goal is to provide stability and structure as the patient moves forward in recovery. Clinicians will also work with patients to uncover the causes behind their SUD so that they can be specifically addressed.

Many of the same services are provided at an Odessa outpatient rehab center, however, patients don’t reside at the facility and treatment is less intense. Patients can expect to participate in talk therapy, group therapy and skills building activities. In addition to continuing to treat the addiction, outpatient rehab aims to prepare patients for living sober without regular treatment.

There are two types of outpatient rehab programs: Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). Depending on need, the patient will come to the outpatient rehab center for treatment 3-7 days a week for most of the day.

You can enroll a family member in an Odessa drug rehab program if they are a minor and you are their parent or legal guardian. If your loved one is a legal adult they will have to enroll themselves.

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