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Lewisville Addiction Treatment Guide

Learn about what Lewisville drug rehab and alcohol rehab providers have to offer.

Lewisville may not be the largest or well-known of the DFW suburbs, but the city has seen significant growth and change over the last decade. Most of the change has been positive, especially in Old Town. But Lewisville is also now facing issues seen in larger cities. As the economy and biotech sector boomed so have substance abuse and drug busts.

Methamphetamine, marijuana, GHB, prescription medications and more have been seized in recent drug busts throughout Lewisville. Fentanyl-laced pills are another huge concern in Lewisville as major fentanyl busts happen in nearby cities like Flower Mound. It’s not surprising that CrimeGrade.com gives the city a D+ for drug-related crimes.

It may seem like an uphill battle, but Lewisville families that are fighting drug addiction can overcome the ordeal. With the right support and medical guidance you can heal the damage and start recovering.

Using the TRC Lewisville Addiction Treatment Guide to Find Help

It’s important to know that no matter how bad an addiction seems, there’s help available. Every treatment program is different and new therapies are being developed. Today, there are also medications that make recovery possible for more people.

You’ll find both evidence-based, proven treatments and novel therapies at Lewisville addiction treatment centers. There are also programs for certain groups like women, adolescents, members of the LGBTQ+ community and veterans. Whatever type of addiction treatment you need in Lewisville, you’ll find it here at Texas Rehab Centers.

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FAQ: Lewisville Substance Abuse Treatment Clinics

Enrolling in a drug or alcohol rehab program isn’t necessary for reaching sobriety, however, for many people it’s what gets them past the difficult initial stages. Trying to go it alone is extremely difficult because you lack essential support. Studies have shown the professional guidance of addiction experts significantly improves the odds of reaching and maintaining sobriety. For example, studies have shown that at the 9-month mark people who completed an alcohol rehab program were still sober. At 9 months only 23% of people who got sober on their own were still abstaining.

Lewisville alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers won’t refuse patients because they have relapsed. In fact, some treatment centers work specifically with people who have relapsed multiple times. Relapse is a sign that more treatment is needed or that a different type of treatment should be used. It’s also a sign that you need to examine what is happening in life that is making it difficult to maintain sobriety. That kind of insight is what you’ll gain at an addiction treatment center in Lewisville.

It’s best to enroll at a Lewisville detox center when you first decide to get sober. At that point you still have narcotics in your system, and dependence is going to make withdrawal difficult. You may experience withdrawal systems that are physically painful and even life-threatening for some people. A detox center has the medical experts and resources that can help you get through the detox phase safely.

Lewisville inpatient rehab centers are similar to detox centers given that patients reside at the facility and are under constant supervision. This level of support is vital in the early phases of getting sober. People who are beginning their recovery, those who have relapsed and anyone who needs intensive treatment to get clean should consider an inpatient rehab program. Patients will receive treatment seven days a week including psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness training.

Anyone who needs support to maintain sobriety should consider enrolling at a Lewisville outpatient rehab center. You may have just completed an inpatient treatment program and outpatient treatment is the next step in your continuum of care. You may have been sober for some time and you’re beginning to feel your resolve slipping or you’re dealing with added stress that is making sobriety hard. Because patients don’t have to reside at the treatment center, outpatient treatment is ideal for people who have to maintain a job or have family responsibilities. You can receive treatment while still getting back to everyday life.

Some addictions are harder to treat than others, but there are options for every type of substance use disorder. In fact, there are Lewisville substance abuse treatment clinics that specialize in specific addictions for specific groups of people. For example, it’s possible to find programs for teen girls that have an opioid use disorder. Many treatment clinics are also equipped to address co-occurring disorders. This is when there is another mental health issue in addition to addiction that needs to be treated.

A parent or legal guardian can enroll a minor, however that isn’t an option if your family member is over 18 years old. Even if they aren’t of sound mind and judgment due to drug and/or alcohol use, they must still enroll themselves in a program.

Yes. Actually some patients from out-of-state prefer to enroll in a Lewisville drug rehab center that’s far from the environments that enable their addiction. If you are enrolling in a detox or inpatient program, you’ll reside at the treatment center so the location isn’t as big a factor compared to enrolling in an outpatient program where other living arrangements need to be made. However, there are a number of sober living homes in the Lewisville area that are an excellent option for anyone who’s part of an outpatient program.

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