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Laredo drug & alcohol rehab centers for inpatient detox and outpatient rehab

Sorting through endless search results when you’re looking for reliable, reputable drug and alcohol addiction treatment is the last way you need to spend your time when you’re trying to get sober. So often those online results are not actually localized, or they’re the wrong type of facility. That’s where Texas Rehab Center comes in! We saw the gap in the drug and rehab space, and the need for one place online where a Texan can easily sort by treatment facility, city, and type of rehab. On this page, you’ll find the complete listing for Laredo alcohol and drug rehab centers but if you’re looking for rehab in another city, simply use the Locations dropdown menu on the left. For businesses in Laredo, if you’re not yet featured here send us a note! We’ll review your business for inclusion in our rehab center guide.

Seeking professional help for an alcohol or drug addiction is incredibly brave. As you may or may not know, addiction is a complex disease that causes both short and long-term effects on your body and brain. Quitting isn’t always as simple as just stopping consumption of drugs or alcohol. For many addicts, the withdrawal side effects can be so severe they require medical supervision in a detox center. Just call one of these Laredo substance abuse treatment clinics, and you’ll see you are not alone. Addiction doesn’t discriminate between male or female, teen or adult, rich or poor. All types of individuals decide to commit to professional alcohol or drug rehab treatment because these facilities help patients identify those powerful underlying causes of addiction, fight those, and help prevent relapse. Plus, undergoing therapy provides the built-in accountability and support a recovering addict needs. 

Sobering Laredo resident drug and alcohol statistics

According to the city of Laredo Drug & Alcohol Commission, between 2012 - 2018, the city lost a total of 219 individuals to overdose (OD), including two infants. Laredo PD shared 2018 alcohol-related driving incidents, and sadly there were 24 fatal accidents in Laredo, and 576 DWI arrests. There’s a problem in Laredo, and the drug and rehab facilities listed online here are the solution. Don’t delay or wait for a new low in your addiction journey to call an addiction treatment program!

We know alcohol and drug abuse is a problem in Laredo, so who can use this guide?

Anyone looking for inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment in the greater Laredo and Webb County area can freely use this online resource.  Whether you’re here looking for yourself or out of concern for a loved one, we welcome you to explore the options and give a few a call. If you need help getting through to a friend, many Laredo facilities offer professional intervention services. 

FAQ about substance abuse treatment centers

Alcohol abuse disorder includes various conditions like alcoholism, binge drinking, and alcohol dependence. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, it’s a brain disorder ranging from mild to severe. There are various evidence-based treatments, including medication, behavioral treatment (like at an alcohol rehab facility), and group therapy (also through alcohol rehab facilities).

If you’re concerned to any degree that you or a loved one suffers from an alcohol or drug abuse problem, give one of the Laredo treatment centers listed in our guide a call. Or call the national SAMSA (substance abuse and mental health services association) helpline for a free, confidential chat: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Addiction is a disease. Just as you would treat a broken bone, addiction usually requires supervised medication and evidence-based behavioral therapy to combat it. In many cases of both drug and alcohol abuse, your brain has been re-wired to feed off your addiction and you need professional, evidence-based methods to fight those new brain dependencies. Or, maybe you’ve tried to quit before but relapsed. Rehab facilities provide support, accountability, and encouragement to continue your journey to sobriety. Why not call today and get back to sober!

Many! There are inpatient programs like hospitals or in-person detox facilities to help safely medically detox, partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), outpatient programs, halfway houses, group therapy like Alcoholics Anonymous, and more.

If you are a minor’s legal guardian, you can enroll them into addiction treatment. An adult must enroll themselves, unless court-ordered. If you’re worried about getting through to a friend or loved one, call one of the Laredo professional intervention services and they can help convey the urgent need for drug or alcohol rehab.

Yes! Our Laredo drug and alcohol rehab facilities are open to residents and nonresidents alike. Seeking treatment in town has benefits like actively undergoing therapy while facing triggering places, people, and memories. You save money by living at home and keeping your job, maintaining some normalcy. However, some individuals find the benefit of a fresh start in a new city advantage enough to seek addiction treatment out of town.

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