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Reaching out to a Garland alcohol rehab or drug rehab center requires a lot of trust. It’s not easy to admit you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem and needs help. When you reach out for a helping hand you want to know that you’re holding on to a good support system with experts that know what they’re doing.

At Texas Rehab Center, we’ve created the ultimate Garland addiction treatment resource guide. It gives you a quick and easy way to find services within the immediate area. It’s the most comprehensive free directory for inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab centers in the state.

Addiction can impact anyone’s life whether you personally battle substance abuse or it affects a loved one. A recent report based on information from the Dallas DEA field office shows that methamphetamine is on the rise and poses the greatest threat. Methamphetamines accounted for 18% of all admissions to drug rehab programs in 2018. That’s up substantially from 8% in 2009. Overall, studies have found 13.2% of people in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro use illicit drugs . This is higher than the Texas rate of 12.6% but lower than the national average of 14.7%.

Improving those statistics involves addiction treatment. The goal of Texas Rehab Centers is to get more people the help they need to overcome addiction and realize long-term sobriety.


Garland Alcohol and Drug Rehab FAQ

Everyone has questions when they start their recovery process. Below are some of the most common questions we receive about Garland addiction treatment.

Our Garland drug rehab and alcohol rehab directory is made for everyone who is wanting information about treatment options, including patients and their families. It’s a comprehensive online resource that provides details on all types of Garland detox centers and services.

Our directory is free and confidential. You’ll find everything from sober living homes for people who are from outside the Garland area to medical centers with a team of therapists. There are also programs that are specialized to a certain group like young women or type of substance abuse. You can contact the Garland addiction treatment centers directly to learn more about their programs.

There’s no silver bullet or single solution for treating addiction. Professional addiction treatment involves a combination of therapies and strategies that are individualized to each patient.

Addiction treatment can be done through a Garland inpatient rehab program or outpatient rehab program. These programs offer varying degrees of oversight and structure. Which program is the most appropriate largely depends on the severity of the addiction. At the beginning phases of recovery an inpatient program may be needed, especially if the patient needs to medically detox under the observation of medical professionals.

Addiction recovery is a very long process that can require years of assistance. It’s not uncommon for patients to transition to outpatient rehab programs after they move beyond the detox period. These programs aim to give patients the support and resources they need to maintain sobriety on their own.

Texas Rehab Centers Garland directory allows you to search for services by inpatient, partial hospitalization, outpatient and intensive outpatient. Click here to find drug and alcohol rehab programs in Garland, TX.

If you are questioning whether you or a loved one has a substance abuse disorder it’s time to get a professional opinion. You can reach out to any of the Garland substance abuse treatment clinics in our directory to talk with an expert directly. They can arrange an assessment or evaluation that gauges the severity of the disorder and the best treatment options based on factors like what substance is being used and the patient’s medical history.

The best time to contact a Garland detox center is when you’re motivated to make a change. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration encourages people to work with rehab centers that are able to provide assistance within 48 hours.

There are substance abuse treatment clinics located throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, including Garland. You can use the Garland drug rehab directory to search for centers by location.

It isn’t easy to recover from addiction. We’re still learning about what affects the brain and behavior to cause some people to become addicted to alcohol and drugs. A Garland inpatient rehab program provides one-on-one support in a clinical environment. It’s typically the first step in rehab when a person is detoxing.

Within an inpatient rehab program you’ll have a team of experts monitoring your progress and health. They’ll help determine the triggers and causes behind addictive behaviors so that they can be addressed. The therapies that are used are evidence-based and backed by years of research.

Garland outpatient rehab centers are a great option after being in an inpatient program or partial hospitalization program. The outpatient therapy gives a person continued oversight and support as they gain more control over their day-to-day activities. You’ll still participate in therapy to analyze your behaviors and how improvements can be made, but outpatient rehab provides a bit of normalcy as a person continues to recover.

Now that you know more about Garland alcohol rehab and drug rehab centers, we hope that you find our guide useful in learning more about available services.

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