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Welcome to Texas Rehab Centers, the most complete online resource for finding Texas-based detox centers for addiction treatment. You’ve found our Arlington resources - where we’ve compiled alcohol and drug rehab options for locals right here. If you’re a quality business offering Arlington substance abuse treatment and aren’t yet featured here, send us a note and we’ll review your business for inclusion. Browsing our rehab directory online is completely free, and confidential.

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Whether you find yourself here for personal substance abuse problems or with concern for a loved one, know that addiction is a complex disease and simply “quitting” isn’t always possible. There are serious withdrawal side effects as many drugs alter the way a brain sends messages and can falsely mimic certain brain chemicals. Additionally, addiction can creep into anyone’s life. From young teenagers and college students to new parents or retired workers, addiction doesn’t discriminate. For some, drug addiction sticks around after certain painkillers are prescribed after an intense surgery. For others, alcoholism might have started as a casual way to unwind after a stressful work or parenting day.

According to the most recent reports from SAMHSA, the Dallas-Arlington metro ranks above Texas as a whole and the United States for percentage of users of nonmedical prescription-type pain relievers. The same report details that 22.5% of areas in the greater Dallas and Arlington area reported binge drinking in the past month. These statistics are sobering, so let’s work together to bring down the substance abuse numbers and get more Arlington natives on the path to sobriety.

FAQ about Arlington alcohol and drug rehab centers

Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions regarding drug and alcohol rehab centers in Arlington:

An adult must enroll themselves into a rehab facility, unless court-ordered. For minors, their legal guardian can sign them up or admit them into a detox center. If you have concerns about a loved one wanting to willingly enter into addiction treatment, many Arlington centers offer professional intervention services. Their trained professionals can help highlight the benefits and necessity of rehab and therapy, which often helps coming from an unbiased party.

Inpatient rehab is a more intense, 24/7 supervised stay at a treatment facility (like a hospital). Inpatient rehab often precedes outpatient rehab for severe addiction where the patient needs medical supervision to safely detox. An outpatient rehab center allows patients to live at home (or OUT of the treatment facility), and can vary from intensive outpatient programs (IOP) to less intensive outpatient programs. Programming can involve several weekly group and inpidual therapy sessions along with life skills classes to help patients better adjust to a healthy lifestyle without drugs or alcohol.

As soon as possible! SAMHSA recommends moving forward with a provider that has availability within 48 hours as time is of the essence and you want to continue the momentum toward sobriety. So, browse our Arlington addiction treatment centers and give a few a call about enrolling today!

Great question! It depends. There are benefits and challenges to both undergoing treatment in town or out of town. Going out of town helps physically create a blank slate, and a fresh start. There are fewer triggering places or people, and less obvious access to illicit substances. However, out of town treatment means extra living expenses, a lack of accountability and far away support system upon returning home. Conversely, doing a drug or alcohol rehab in town means you can live at home, work your normal job, and see encouraging friends and family. Your therapists and rehab support system are close by and easily accessible for relapse support and accountability. However, the environment, illicit substances, and toxic people are also more accessible.

Your life is worth it. Addiction is a complex disease that usually needs a comprehensive treatment to break free. By getting sober, you’re taking back control of your life and the stronghold drugs or alcohol has on you. You’re back to being present in friends’ and family’s lives, showing up consistently for work, and not being held captive by your addictive urges. Plus, physically you should start feeling much better without the negative side effects of consuming alcohol or drugs.

Whether you’re looking for Arlington drug or alcohol rehab centers for you or a loved one, you’ve come to the right place! Texas Rehab Centers has rounded up all the addiction treatment options in Arlington right here in one easily accessible place. Or, if you’re looking for treatment in another Lone Star city, simply navigate using the buttons above. Last, if you’re a substance abuse treatment provider not yet featured in our online directory, send us a note and we’ll review your business for inclusion.

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